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  • Kindred- Book 1- Awesome 👏 By Cincy Kid 68!

    By JC Cincy Kid
    Having read many Vamp Stories this one stands up at the top! (5) Stars all the way; really look forward to see what is in store for these main characters and how they can make this very intense relationship work out. Luv this author, she is exceptional. On to Book (2)! JB
  • Mates

    By math wizard
    An interesting well written story for young people. Cassie , Nick, Melissa and Luther are protecting humans from vampires. Along comes Devon who is a vampire but he is more to Cassie. I would say they are mates. There is the struggle between them of emotions typical for a teenager that Cassie is. Devon on the other hand is an adult of many years who is strongly attracted to Cassie and does’t want to be. He can’t resist her The ending of the book is a surprise with a twist. Will their feeling for each other be able to overcome his being a vampire and her being a hunter? I recommend this book for youths.
  • Repetitive

    By byron963
    Honestly I couldn't get past the first page. The words unnerving and startling were used at an unnerving and startling rate.
  • This is sad

    By My nickname is Katie
    This is just to sad Devon is a demo but as soon as he smelled cassie he fell in love
  • Another great series starter.

    By Klsfm
    Erica Stevens is a genius!
  • So amazing

    By Koolkat28!
    When i first saw this book i thought that is was good but once i got even more into it i just couldnt stop reading my favorite characters are Devon and Cassie just love there relationship together.
  • Major editing needed.

    By Angel Piearce
    While the actual story has potential I found it difficult to finish this book. The author goes on, and on, and oh wait...on some more about the connection and attraction between the male and female leads. So much focus is spent on them that there is little character development beyond them. It was also very predictable and glosses over everything except this intense obsession between the lead characters. I found it difficult to like the characters and was absolutely shocked to see how many more books there are in this series. I also saw many typos and misspellings that a decent editing could fix. I had high hopes for Buffy like epicness but was left with mediocrity at best.
  • Amazing.

    By Sinematic_Satan
    I read all the Captive books. I couldn't put them down. Once I finished I decided to read this series. It was amazing. I love all her books. Just finished this series now moving on to the Ravenous! Good Job.
  • Completely edge of your seat gripping!!!

    By Big_fan!!!!2013
    I read this series for the fact that I love the fictional part. I started with this first book and could not put it down I read all5 books in 2 days. I wish they would put this series into a movie. Or came up with more for this series. I cried when it came to the end. Great job Erica
  • Fire stone

    By Fire_heart
    Loved this book can't wait to buy the rest, my only question is in the end... What happened to Macey?? Did they just like leave her there?